Renaissance writer François Rabelais and its “Gargantua” have made the reputation of our local cuisine. The sisters Tatin’s Tart, the macaroons of Cormery, a wide selection of delicatessen are just a few examples of the region’s renowned gastronomy.

In particular, we recommend that you try the famous “Rillettes de Touraine” and the “Rillons” (salted and cured cubes of pork breast) which can be found in Vouvray at the Charcuterie HARDOUIN.

The region’s first dishes often mix delicatessen with Sainte-Maure goat cheese and apples, which are particularly appreciated by the Tourangeaux. The Sainte-Maure, the king of the Loire Valley’s cheeses, can be tasted just on a simple slice of bread, with a fresh tomatoe or on its own.

The “Coq au Vin”, a specialty of Chinon, a nice medieval town located on the banks of the Vienne river, belongs to the cultural heritage of the region. The “Géline de Touraine”, a local chicken also known as “Dame Noire” has just been granted the famous Label Rouge by the French Ministry of Agriculture. It is now considered to be one the best chicken meat in the country.

Nearby Restaurants

  • Le Grand Vatel
    8, avenue Léon-Brulé – 37210 VOUVRAY
    Tél: 02 47 52 70 32
  • L’Oubliette
    34, rue des Clouets –  37210 ROCHECORBON
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